Sheriffmuir Inn

Where Warriors have fought and fallen…


This late 17th century Droving Inn harbours memories of the famous Battle of Sheriffmuir but now offers a warm Scottish welcome to all visitors.  The Sheriffmuir Inn is steeped in history – however a very present problem affecting the Inn was the volatility of fossil fuel costs.  Recognising the need to find a solution that will allow the owners to control and reduce fuel costs as well as the Carbon Footprint of the Inn’s operations Scot Heating Company were commissioned to provide a biomass solution.

The Biomass Solution

Due to the historic nature of the Sheriffmuir Inn a sensible, sensitive and practical Sherrfimuir_Inn2approach had to be taken to ensure the right solution was designed and installed.  An old stable block was converted to house the installation ensuring that there was no visual impact of the surroundings.  A Fischer PX50 and a PX25 wood pellet boiler have been installed in series to provide 75kWth output to meet the heating and hot water requirements of the Inn, its kitchens and for its guests.  2000 litres of thermal storage has been installed to provide instant heat to meet peak loads.  A 5.6 tonne pellet hopper has been installed within the outbuilding which receives blown deliveries.

Service and Support

Scot Heating Company and The Sheriffmuir Inn entered into an Energy Supply Contract (ESCo) for the supply of heat at an agreed pence per kWh basis providing the Inn with an approximate 28% reduction in fuel costs.  SHC provide complete service and maintenance support for the system to ensure that Sheriffmuir Inn and its guests have an uninterrupted supply of heat and system support when it is required.

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