Gleneagles Hotel

SYSTEM:  Custom built walking floor trailers
FUEL:  P45 M40 Wood Chips
CAPACITY:  2,500 tonne

Biomass Woodfuel Supply

Upon acquiring Buccleuch Bioenergy Scot Heating Company Ltd took on the contract for the supply of heat to Gleneagles Hotel and Spa along with the service and maintenance of the installed KOB biomass wood chip boiler. The boiler has been installed in order to provide the base heating load for the hotel and spa with four back up gas boilers installed to provide back up and top up to the heating system when required. By remotely monitoring the system Scot Heating Company ensure that the boiler is operational and producing heat as required and perform periodic service and maintenance and site call-out attendance as required.

The Wood Fuel Solution

A 1.2MW LTHW KOB wood chip biomass boiler has been installed at the Gleneagles Hotel and Spa which was designed to meet the base load heating demand of the site. The system has been supplied with two bespoke walking oor trailers that are delivered to site full of wood fuel and exchanged upon each delivery to be removed from site to be returned to our wood fuel processing facility.


Deliveries are performed by a dedicated biomass handling artic walking oor trailer that deliveries approximately 18 tonnes of wood chips to site per delivery. With an annual requirement of approximately 2,500 tonne Scot Heating Company have entered into a long term heat supply agreement in order to provide Gleneagles Hotel and Spa with security of supply and accurate fuel costs for the future.