EWOS Scotland

SYSTEM: Artic walking floor trailer delivered directly into fuelstore
FUEL: P45 M40 Wood Chips
DELIVERY METHOD: Artic Walking Floor
CAPACITY: 10,000 tonne

EWOS are a multinational company with several production sites located in Norway, Chile, Canada and Scotland producing fish feed products for the commercial fishing industry. With a large site located near Bathgate in Central Scotland EWOS had a high energy demand for their production needs which resulted in a large operating cost and larger still Carbon Footprint. With the increasing cost of fossil fuels combined with the introduction of the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive and the Carbon Footprint reduction gains EWOS decided to invest in a Biomass Energy System capable of producing the heat and steam requirements of the site. With a wood fuel production facility not far from EWOS Scot Heating Company Ltd were able to provide a long term fuel supply agreement to EWOS ensuring peace of mind for security of supply and forecasting of energy costs for the site.

The Wood Fuel Solution

A 4MW steam producing wood chip biomass boiler has been installed at the EWOS Bathgate facility which was designed to meet the steam and heat requirements of the site whilst being able to utilise walking floor deliveries with a 100 tonne fuel store. Due to unforeseen circumstances the actual fuel store installed is only able to utilise 20 tonne of wood chip – although different from the basis of our original agreement Scot Heating Company stood by our original commitments and also provided an onsite telehandler for handling wood fuel onsite not delivered into the fuel store.


Deliveries are performed by a dedicated biomass handling artic walking floor trailer that deliveries approximately 24 tonnes of wood chips to site per delivery. With an annual requirement of approximately 10,000 tonne Scot Heating Company have entered into a long term fuel supply agreement in order to provide EWOS with security of supply and accurate fuel costs for the future.