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Through our dedicated, holistic approach, we specialise in the design installation and operation of biomass heating systems, providing a full-circle installation from start to finish.  We provide:

  • System Operation
  • Service & Maintenance Contracts – we provide a comprehensive service and maintenance offering, ensuring ongoing delivery of high quality systems to your individual needs, and the best fuel supply pellets and woodchip for continuity and peace-of-mind
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • 24/7/365 Engineer Availability




ElectraTherm Power+ Generator

Scot Heat & Power is the only Scottish company to offer ElectraThermʼs innovative Power+ Generator that utilises biomass for efficient clean energy production.

US-based ElectraTherm – a global leader in distributed waste heat to power generation – already has two installations in the UK, but the deal with Scot Heat & Power marks its first Scottish presence, following recent installations in Germany, Italy, Romania, and Japan.

Licensed only to Scot Heat & Power north of the border, the Power+ Generator is a flexible electricity generator that can be used with standard biomass hot water boilers, utilising low temperature and low pressure Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and its proprietary technologies for major efficiencies.

The Power+ can also produce fuel-free, emission-free electricity from low grade waste heat, and is capable of reaching outputs of up to 110kWe power generation.




Heizomat Boilers

Heizomatʼs range of biomass boilers are all manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials and components. We offer two ranges of boilers:

  • •HSK-RA series (50-198kw ) – Primarily a woodchip boiler but equally efficient at burning wood pellets, saw dust and shavings, this boiler series provides a compact solution to heating with biomass;
  • RHK-AK series (50-990kw ) – A multi-fuel biomass boiler maintaining high efficiency at partial and peak load outputs with a wide variety of fuels from woodchip to Miscanthus. Utilising a chain and flight ash removal system and high capacity combustion chamber. All of Heizomatʼs boilers benefit from the following features to allow for full automation and efficient combustion at partial and full load.
  • Parallel extraction agitator system with a 5000Nm torque gear box.
  • Solid core augers, continuously seam welded.
  • Milling cutter/rotary valve to allow cutting of any oversize fuel.
  • Automatic ignition through single or double glow bars linked to primary air blower.
  • Automated ash removal system; chain & flight for RHK-AK and sweep-arm & grate for HSK-RA boiler both provide efficient fuel specific ash removal
  • Self cleaning of heat exchangers through the periodic rotation of turbulators linked to the de-ashing system.
  • Combustion fully modulated according to flue gas O2 content and temperature combined with return water temp.
  • Automatic ash removal into ash collection bin available in either 45, 240 or 900ltrs depending on the size of boiler.
  • Complete control through the SIMATIC 7″ touch screen control system, linked to SMS modem and/or smartphone monitoring.
  • Not to mention a boiler which is built to last from high grade





Jernforsen is one of Europe’s leading companies within the field of biomass heating technology with over 1,000 plants delivered across the world since 1984. Jernforsen work in the range of 2MW to 35MW thermal output and can supply components or complete turn-key solutions.

Scandinavian technology generally has deserved reputation for using high quality components, building robust equipment which is very reliable and gives high availability. Process industries appreciate these qualities and Jernforsenʼs regular customers are sawmills and other wood processing industries, the paper and pulp industry, town district heating systems and utility energy suppliers. In the recent past, biomass
plant for pellet production and (steam) Combined Heat and Power has become more common.

Applications include hot water or steam boilers for:

District Heating:
where efficiency and environmental constraints are the key factors for low operating costs, many of these systems have flue gas condensers to increase the efficiency of the plant and give low emissions.

Sawmills and Processing Industries:
where the ability to use poor quality fuel is important together with have high availability with only (annual) scheduled down time for service and maintenance.

Combined Head and Power:
via a high pressure boiler which can produce steam up to 25tonnes per hour at 480°C into a one or two-stage turbine, depending on the end use with optimisation depending on the back pressure or condensation design.

Drying plants:
to dry anything from sawdust for pellet production to grass for livestock winter feed pellet production. The drying plants can be designed to produce either hot drying gas between 300-500°C or as steam systems that supply continuous kilns or converted rotary kilns.

Waste Reduction:
Scot Heat & Power are able to provide WID compliant furnaces with infeed systems that can handle a wide range of waste fuels. Waste Fuel Use / Waste Combustion / WID Compliant. Different strategies can be used to deal flue gas emissions from simple multi-cyclone dust arrestor to electrostatic precipitators with NOx, such as Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction, and flue gas treatments to reduce emissions of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) and Hydrogen Fluoride.





Cochran Biomass BoilersCochran_6pp_Box

Scot Heat and Power Ltd and Cochran Ltd have formed a collaborative partnership to offer a complete boiler package. These systems will meet the requirements of modern energy production. This collaboration will provide clients with a system design with flexible configurations to suit all types of Industrial applications and allow a biomass installation to operate in harmony with an existing gas or oil boiler.

These installations will provide a net effect of:

  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Income generation through the RHI
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • 96% reduction in carbon emissions

Established over 110 years ago, Cochran Ltd is the name of choice when it comes to industrial hot water and steam generating plants and have an unrivalled track record of exceeding the expectations of their customers.

Scot Heat & Power Ltd will supply and install a biomass system including the fuel feed system and fuel whilst Cochran Ltd will design, develop and install the heating system infrastructure and interface from the biomass system into the sites existing heating network of either Gas of Oil.

Once operational Scot Heat & Power Ltd can supply the required biomass wood fuel whilst Cochran Ltd service and maintain the installation providing a continued and uninterrupted supply of carbon neutral energy on a 24/7 basis. For further information please click on the download button on the right.




Herz Biomass Boilers

Herz was founded in 1896 and has been continuously active in the market for more than 110 years.  With 6 sites within Austria, another 3 in Europe and more than 1,500 employees at home and abroad, Herz is the only Austrian manufacturer that produces equipment for the entire heating and installation industry and is one of the most important internationally.

Herz Energietechnik employs more than 200 staff in production and sales.  At the company sites in Pinkafeld, Burgenland and Sebersdorf there is a state-of-the-art production facility as well as a research institute for new innovative products.

Herz has established itself as a specialist in renewable energy systems and places a great importance of modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating systems with the highest level of convenience and user-friendliness.

All Herz furnace systems fall below the strictest emissions regulations – numerous environmental endorsements bear witness to this.  Herz designers are in constant contact with recognised research institutes in order to improve very high standards even further.

Scot Heating Company approved Herz as a preferred supplier of boilers due to the quality of products produced by the company and their proven track record in the already established European and global biomass industry.  Herz provide a range of four different biomass boilers;

The Pelletstar range of boilers is available from 10kW to 60kW and designed to operate solely on wood pellets.  The Pelletstar range is aimed at the domestic market however in some circumstances the larger Pelletstar boilers can meet the heating needs of a commercial user.

The Firematic range of boilers is available from 20kW to 300kW and is designed to be able to burn both wood chips and wood pellets.  The Firematic range is ideal for the majority of commercial biomass installations as it is robust and compact to provide an economical solution to the heating needs of users whilst offering varying fuel feed system options offering maximum flexibility for the customer.

The Biomatic range of boilers is available from 220kW to 500kW and is aimed at meeting the heating needs or large buildings such as hotels, factories and also district heating systems and allows Herz to bridge the gap between light commercial use boilers and process heating.  The Biomatic range can utilise both wood pellets and wood chips – however when installations increase in capacity wood chips provide a preferable fuel source due to larger fuel stores and the increased range of fuel that can be utilised in the Biomatic allows for greater control over fuel supply costs by the user.

The Biofire range of boilers is available from 500kW to 1000kW and is aimed to meet the heating needs of industry with large and constant heat demands such as hospitals, distilleries and Herz even use a Biofire 800 to heat their factory and offices.

To learn more about the range of Herz boilers and help identify the right system for you contact our help team to discuss your requirements.
Tropper Blower Units

Based in Austria with over 70 years experience in delivering bulk handling and delivery system, Tropper is a family run firm that continues to lead the way in developing and manufacturing state of the art plant and machinery for handling biomass wood fuels.  As the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland of Tropper products Scot Heating Company work closely with Tropper to offer to the biomass market place bespoke high quality equipment to enhance the fuel handling process.

Scot Heating Company own and operate our own Tropper blower units – the first in the UK – that allow us to blow both wood chips and wood pellets.  A unique feature to the Tropper pellet blower units is that they have no moving parts and transport the pellets with blown air – this helps maintain the structural integrity of the pellet and ensure it is delivered into the fuel store intact.  Visit our fuels handling page to learn more about our fleet of vehicles.

We work with our own biomass install teams in the UK to provide the highest quality biomass installations which are installed in a sympathetic manner on site. All of our solutions are very bespoke: we do not offer a “one size fits all” solution. or more information and to find out if this would be suitable for your site please complete the information below:

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